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Bringing modern wellness

Modwella is an in-home concierge health and wellness service.  

We come to you.

Is Modwella IV drip therapy right for you?

Elite level athletes have long understood the therapeutic and healing qualities of IV Therapy. At Modwella we are excited to offer these same benefits to our clients without the costs associated with a world class trainer or fitness coach. With our wide range of treatments available, we offer something for everyone. From our immune-boosting treatment to the “Meyers Cocktail,” to the antioxidant IV drip infusion, our professional staff can help you choose the service best suited to your IV hydration needs and goals. We also offer the popular hangover IV to help with dehydration, headache and nausea.

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Since we come to you, we can meet you at your home, at work or even at the gym... anywhere. We just need to make sure we cover your area.

Text us.


Find the right treatment.

Chat with a Registered Nurse to help you decide which treatment is best for your needs. It's simple and discrete.




Feel better.

We'll take care of everything else. We'll show up, help you feel comfortable and get you feeling better with an IV treatment or other health service tailored just for you.

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We come to you.

First timer?

There’s a first time for everything, but we want to make your first time with Modwella as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to text us with any questions or concerns as well as chat with our on-staff physician to see what treatment is best for you. Also, enjoy 10% off your first treatment!

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We come to you.

What's included?

From start to finish, you’re in the best hands with Modwella. Not only will your IV treatment be administered by a Registered Nurse, but you will be able to chat with a licensed physician to help you choose the best treatment for your needs.


IV treatments, lab draw and aesthetic injections are only administered by Registered Nurses


Free teleconference with our Physician at time of service to ensure the treatment is right for you.

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The cost you see on our menu is what you pay! No hidden fees.


Group & Save

Hydrate as a group and save money! We offer discounts up to 20%. This is a great option for parties and events.


Groups of 2+ receive 10% off each IV


Groups of 5+ receive 15% off each IV


Groups of 10+ receive 20% off each IV

We come to you.

Our clients love us.

We love our clients and love seeing them feel great! Follow us @modwella to see more success stories and testimonials.



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